Resolve to Upgrade Your Home Office

Resolve to Upgrade Your Home Office January 17, 2022

Is better health one of your New Year’s Resolutions? For many of us, it is. Unfortunately, that resolution often means launching into drastic lifestyle changes that we cannot sustain. However, what if you could make a resolution for better health that is easy to maintain and improves your overall quality of life? You can. Resolve to upgrade your own office. With a few simple changes, you can make your home office a healthier environment. Boost your productivity and feel better, too, with some of these easy home office changes.

The more we learn about the connection between sitting and negative health effects, including premature death, the more we realize that the standard desk-and-chair office arrangement is unhealthy. Add a standing desk, instead. Of course, you do not want to try to immediately convert from sitting to standing all day long. Instead, look for a system that allows you to customize. If you can gradually eliminate a few hours of sitting each day, you will see health benefits with little effort on your part! You can incorporate this option by replacing your existing desk with a standing desk or by adding a desk riser or converter to your existing desk or table.

Of course, even with a standing desk, you will be sitting some of the time. Is your chair ergonomic? If not, replace it. The wrong chair means that you are putting stress and strain on body parts, especially ones you use repeatedly throughout the day.

Do you work with a laptop? It can be tricky to get your laptop height right because your keyboard and screen are so close together. Adding an adjustable laptop stand to your home office can help spare you a pain in the neck!

Get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Do you struggle with repetitive stress on your hands, fingers, or wrist? Buying an ergonomic keyboard can help you ease your pain. Split keyboard options take an adjustment period but can really help reduce carpal tunnel strain. Using a roller ball mouse can help alleviate pain and tension in your shoulders, where the muscle you use to operate a traditional mouse is located!

Add some workout equipment. No, we do not mean a dust-collecting treadmill for the corner. Instead, look at adding workout equipment that you can and will use throughout the day. Could you replace your current setup with a bike/desk combination, get a motion board to work your core while at a standing desk, or even get an under-the-desk elliptical? Anything that increases movement helps your health.