Useful Solutions for Holiday Gifting

Useful Solutions for Holiday Gifting December 8, 2021

Looking for a wonderful holiday gift? Versa offers a variety of products that make great holiday gifts. Designed to improve health, reduce aches and pains, and increase available work space, Versa’s range of products are great for business or personal gifts.

Versa offers:

  • Standing desks
  • Desk risers
  • Corner standing desks
  • Monitor arms
  • CPU holders
  • Keyboard trays
  • Ergonomic desk chairs
  • Power supplies
  • Balance boards

Standing Desks

Our standing desks are a great solution for people who want a whole solution for an office or workspace. Our standing desks come with electronic height adjustment, so you can get the perfect fit for your body. Designed to help keep you out of your chair, these desks can help you reduce pain and fatigue.

Corner Standing Desks

These specialized standing desks are designed to fit into corners. They are a space-saving alternative for people who do not have the room to set up an entire whole office.

Desk Risers

Not looking to spend the money required to buy a standing desk? Buying a gift for someone who likes their current desk, but is interested in trying a standing desk. A desk riser, also known as a standing desk converter, fits on top of a desk or table. They are also affordable; allowing you to give the health benefits of standing desk without breaking the bank.

Balance Boards

Standing instead of sitting is a great way to help your friends, family, and coworkers transition to a healthier 2022. Adding a balance board to the regime can improve stability and core strength.

Desk Chairs

While we may be all about standing desks, the reality is that very few people completely eliminate sitting. If someone is going to be spending any part of the day in a chair, they need one that is ergonomic, supportive, and comfortable. We offer a whole range of chairs, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your gift recipient.

Ergonomic Solutions

Looking for smaller gifts and ergonomic solutions? Our CPU holders, monitor arms, keyboard trays, and power supplies let people customize their desks for the most personalized solution. They come in a range of price points, which lets you pick the right gift for your recipient.

Give the gift of good health. Give our products to people to help them break their sedentary habits and incorporate more ergonomic solutions into their work or hobbies.