Crafting at a Standing Desk

Crafting at a Standing Desk November 24, 2021

For so many of us the holidays are synonymous with crafting. For years that has meant sitting at a crafting table to get your project done. Hours of crafting could mean a crick in your neck, an aching back, and general discomfort. Also, while it could be a great way to bond with others, it was also super-sedentary. Fortunately, you can craft without all the sitting.

Our standing desks are perfect for crafting. You can adjust them to the right height for your project. Raising them not only gets you more active, but also helps prevent some of the aches and pains associated with crafting.

One of the best things about using a standing desk for crafting is that they are adjustable. Adjustable desks can do more than spare you from aches and pains; they can actually make handling your craft a little easier. You can adjust the height for large or small construction and use the height to help you put your craft together.

In fact, think of standing desks as your holiday solution. Crafts, cookie decorating, and gingerbread houses can all be easier to handle when you can adjust their height. Standing desks let you walk around the project. They give you access to parts that can be difficult to reach while you are sitting. They also keep you from feeling sluggish while you are projecting.

In fact, while it would be great if Christmas calories don’t count, the fact is that many of us put on 6 or 7 pounds in the holiday season. Sure, the availability of delicious treats is responsible for some of that. However, darker days, colder temps, and a generally more sedentary winter lifestyle also contribute to this. Incorporating a standing desk for your craft time is not going to make you lose a substantial amount of weight, but since it burns about double the calories as sitting, it can help you put on fewer holiday pounds.

Incorporating a standing desk can also give you a head start on your New Year’s resolution to be healthier. Sitting for extended periods of time is associated with health risks like cancer, heart disease, and even early death. Standing desks are one way to help reduce your risk. Introduce yourself to the world of standing desks by starting out with craft time, or use crafting as a way to extend standing desks into your personal activities.