Benefits of Desk Risers

Desktop Riser VersaDesk Risers For Desktop September 22, 2021

If you have been following the evolving health news surrounding standing desks, then you already know that a standing desk can help you lower your blood sugar, lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, boost productivity, elevate your mood, reduce pain, and even help with weight management. Everyone wants those benefits, so everyone should get a standing desk, right?

Well, not exactly.

At Versa Desk, we are huge fans of the standing desk. That is why we manufacture and sell some of the highest-rated standing desks in the industry. We believe that standing while we work is one of the keys to tackling the deadly sedentary lifestyle that is so common in America.

However, standing desks are not right for everyone. They may not fit in every office environment and might not be the right solution for you. That is why we are proud to offer desk risers as another alternative.

What is a desk riser? Like a standing desk, a desk riser allows you to elevate your computer and monitor so that you can work while standing. They are designed to work with your existing desk system and are additions, not stand-alone pieces of furniture.

Are desk risers right for you? A desk riser is a great choice for people who may need the flexibility of their standing desk in multiple locations. They are good choices for cubicles, where desks may be prefabricated as part of the cubicle environment, making the addition of a standing desk cumbersome and expensive. They are a good option for workplaces where people may want to try a standing desk before committing to a standing desk as a primary workplace. They are also great for people who want the convenience of a standing desk but are limited with their space or furniture options. For example, desk risers are fabulous for people who will be in long-term hotels, furnished rentals, or college students going into dorms!

Of course, the biggest benefit of a desk riser is probably the price. Desk risers cost a fraction of what standing desks cost, making them a much more affordable option for people. You can expect to pay about half the cost of a comparable standing desk for a great desk riser.

While people enjoy their desk riser systems, they do have some downfalls. They do not allow the same elevated space for spreading out and doing non-computer work. They may also not blend as well with existing office décor. Ultimately, deciding between a standing desk and a desk riser is a personal decision that depends on how you use your desk. Explore these options at Versa Desk today!