Benefits of a Standing Computer Desk

September 8, 2021

There is a lot of buzz around standing desks, with people suggesting that standing desks are the cure for everything from obesity to distraction in the office. At Versa Desk, we love our standing desks and think they are a great asset for people in the workplace. However, we also want to make sure that people have realistic expectations about what a standing computer desk can do for them. It is not going to magically transform you physically or be a one-shot solution to declining office morale. However, standing computer desks, when implemented intelligently and responsively, can do a lot to improve working conditions and physical health.

First, we need to talk about weight loss. Almost everyone out there is worried about the weight gain that is associated with a sedentary lifestyle and many people have heard intriguing news linking standing desks with weight loss. This is true, though implementing a standing desk alone is unlikely to achieve a significant, major weight loss. Standing does burn more calories than sitting and can help raise your heart rate. It is a great component of a more active lifestyle.

While standing may not lead to a dramatic weight loss, it can lead to dramatic changes in other health areas. So far, small scale studies show that standing can help reduce blood sugar spikes. This can be an effective strategy for blood sugar management in Type 2 diabetics. While more research is necessary, increasing your standing seems to be a great strategy for diabetics and for pre-diabetics.

Standing can reduce pain. Neck, shoulder, and back pain are rampant in sedentary workers. Using a standing desk forces you to change your posture and can help reduce the risk of pain to these areas. Of course, you want to slowly transition to increased standing, as a rapid transition can leave you vulnerable to other aches and pains.

Standing desks may also help you avoid cardiovascular disease. For a long time, the medical community has been aware of a correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and heart disease. However, many people thought you could avoid that correlation by getting regular physical activity. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be enough; being sedentary for long periods of time increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, even if you regularly workout at other times. Standing appears to lessen that risk.

Finally, standing desks are linked to a number of intangible benefits that can help improve office morale. They are linked to better mood, a greater likelihood of collaboration, and an increase in employee morale. Take a look at the standing desks that Versa Desk has to offer.